Evershine Industries


Dashboard Shiner

Purchase premium Dashboard Shiners (DB0108) at market leading prices from us. Formulated for superior grade raw materials, our Dashboard Shiners are reckoned for providing a lasting shine without harming the surface. Buyers can get Dashboard Shiner from us in bulk and in varied packaging. We offer customized packaging solutions for our Dashboard Shiner as well.

Applications : Dashboard Shiner leaves your dashboard ultimately clean leaving no grounds of dust.


Details :

  • Cleans the dust, mud and gives ultimate SHINE
  • Creat protective layer and repell dust.
  • Long lasting shaine formula.
  • Guard car surface¬† from UV, Corrosion (nut n bolt of dash board) & Pollution
  • Remove light oxidation and micro scratches
  • Leaves sweet smell after use
  • Leaves an outstanding coating
  • Reduce dust accumukation
  • Improvre visibility during rainy weather.