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Carnauba Wax Polish

Carnauba Wax Polish

Evershine Carnauba Wax Polish (CWA0114) is specially formulated with high quality abrasives to help to restore the shine also help to remove fine surface scratches. The superior ingredients in Evershine Carnauba Wax Polish chemically dissolve discoloration and light oxidation while it leaves a protective coating. It eliminates tar, tree sap, road film, bug splats and bird stains. With no clay fillers, your car will have an ultra-high-gloss shine and mirror-like luster without excess dust and powder. Goes on smooth and easy and wipes off with practically no effort.\


Details :

  • An ultra high gloss shine and mirror like luster without excess dustand powder
  • Smooth and easy and wipe off with practically no efforts
  • Restore the shine also help to remove fine surface scratches
  • Specially formulated with high quality abrasives
  • Dissolves discoloration and light oxidation¬† while it leaves protective coating
  • Eliminates tar , tree sap , road film , bug splats and birds satins

  • Carnauba Wax Polish

  • Carnuauba Wax Polish Tube